About Orbiting

Transformation happens the moment you come from where you are attempting to get to...


About Orbiting

Transformation happens the moment you come from where you are attempting to get to...


About Orbit Coaching


Orbit Coaching allows you to experience your answers to two questions:

  1. Why are you here? On earth, in this time, in this place...
  2. When will you do what you are here to do?

- An Orbiteer


All of Orbit Coaching exists within the question: What are you noticing, learning, and observing?

Orbiteers live inside this question as a way of being. It is a way of being that allows you to detach from your identity self that is constantly judging, evaluating, and reacting about the future and what could be.

As one of my Orbiteers shared with me, "Out of Orbit Coaching I have noticed that I am present to where I am, rather than where I am not. Being present gives me grounding here... rather than putting myself where I want to be. The thing about where I want to be is that it is all made up on how I get there."

Here, is where you are. Now, is when you act.

Although each Orbit is completely unique, these are a few distinguishing features.

An Orbit is... distance traveled versus time spent.

The earth moves 66,000 miles per hour with you standing still.

An Orbit examines breath.

Silence. Be Still.

An Orbit observes.

The instant the Truth is recognized inside the heart, your whole Life becomes an instant. - Mooji

One distinguishing feature of Orbit Coaching is the recognition or suspicion of a "divine design."

Every act of love raises the vibration of the entire universe.

Orbit Details

An Orbit consists of subsequent requests for coaching, offered & proposed weekly, with the client creating the ultimate schedule. Orbits are formatted in one of two options: 260 sessions or 52 sessions.

Unlimited 'on-call' phone, text, & email support is available between sessions. Orbit Coaching engagements are paid-in-full up front to support your success.

An Introductory Session is gifted to a potential client to create an experience, as a basis to choose to Orbit or not. 


About Chief Navigator

Changing the future... now.

About Chief Navigator

Changing the future... now.


About the Chief Navigator

Thirty-five years ago the Chief Navigator of Orbit Coaching was the recipient of profound listening, and in a moment of awareness... his being and future was forever altered.

For several decades Chief Navigator worked tirelessly to master the delivery of transformational programs. He's trained 1000's and coached 100's of individuals, and he participated in the advent of creating coaching as a distinction in our business lexicon.

Chief Navigator worked closely with a team of dedicated colleagues to bring transformational coaching to mainstream society empowering individuals, entrepreneurs, leading seminars, and training Fortune 100 companies and governments worldwide. *The photo above highlights St. Petersburg, Russia, where Chief Navigator spent three years consulting with universities, new businesses, and government officials.

For the next five years of his career, the Director and Chief Navigator of Orbit Coaching will accomplish two missions:

  • Creating Masters: Coaching 30 individuals - Orbiteers - who are moved by their own fulfillment and mastery of self through 5 Orbits each.
  • Developing the Thoughtmosphere: Capturing and broadcasting the results of living as an Orbiteer as a library for the fulfillment of the possibility of humanity.

Still wondering who the Chief Navigator is?

Short Answer: I do not share my identity online prior to your Orbit or Introductory Orbit Session. 

If you want to learn more about Orbit Coaching to determine if the free session is worth your time investment, please review our library of testimonials and audio clips. 

There is a design flaw in the delivery system of the wisdom of the Universe.

I see what we are doing with the internet and I am not impressed. It is mega ugly.

Many masters, teachers, and students have walked the earth. We see their quotes on our friends' facebook walls or in email signatures.

Technology - and content that's gone viral - has proven our interconnectedness and inherent power to cause our world as an individual.

And yet, when these masters share their wisdom, when we see celebrities use their fame to fight for a human cause, when a billionaire gives back - as a mass of humanity we often look at them in awe, instead of "I can do that, too... How could I do that now?... How could I do that in this area of my life here?"

The pedestal we put them on becomes unreachable and we actually listen less. Or we use technology to share nonsense, or even hate or fear, instead of use it to inspire.

Photo courtesy of  Stig Nygaard.

Photo courtesy of Stig Nygaard.

I coach people looking for the next challenge in leadership. They have an appetite, a desire in wanting to fulfill themselves.

And, when I coach you during your Orbit or during your Gifted Introductory Session I share my identity with you.

I prefer to only engage with people who are fully committed to their own fulfillment - I don't engage with opinions or noise.

I am that obscure name mentioned at the end of you receiving your Oscar. The Medal of Honor. The Nobel Peace Prize.

The coach is not the point. 

Your game is the point...

Your life is the point...

Are you willing to give your life to what you are divinely designed to accomplish?